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March 1, 2019 | by

How to Establish a Fitness Routine

There are many options for fitness and it is important to find the one that is right for you – do you have any workouts that don’t seem like work?  Do you enjoy lifting weights, running, or dance?  If find something that is fun to do, it is so much easier to stick with it. It is a well-know...

February 1, 2019 | by

How to Stay Motivated with a Healthier Lifestyle

Whether your goal is to lose weight, exercise more, or just to live a healthier life, if you start small with achievable goals, before you know it, your small milestones will combine into a celebration of meeting your ov...

January 1, 2019 | by

Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Do you know the most popular New Year’s resolution?  Yes, it is losing weight. Many people start strong on January 1st and then by March their resolution is forgotten.  Here are some ideas to help you keep your

March 12, 2018 | by

3 Powerful Motivation Tips For Ripped Abs

Can you see your self walking down the street at your favorite location looking and feeling great. Or as you stroll down the beach and you notice people glance over there shoulders to admire your beautiful ripped abs that belong to you. Feeling so confident in your self that your vacation seems perf...

March 11, 2018 | by

3 Simple Steps To Lose Body Fat

You are here seeking some viable remedy, correct? Our time together here is far more worthwhile if I just go ahead and tell you, right now, what it takes to lose body fat. In a nutshell, your biggest key is mental preparedness. Yep. That's the biggie! Somebody or someone (meaning YOU) has to do t...

March 10, 2018 | by

4 Steps To Better Health

It's possible to learn HOW to better your health in only 4 steps and this article will show you how. Each step is a bite-sized nugget of healthy living information you can actually use. Let's get started... Step 1: Nutritional Supplements In my opinion, they are very necessary and very bene...