How to Stay Motivated with a Healthier Lifestyle

Whether your goal is to lose weight, exercise more, or just to live a healthier life, if you start small with achievable goals, before you know it, your small milestones will combine into a celebration of meeting your overall goal.  If you have a friend with similar goals, pair up and together you can keep each other accountable.  Working together is much more fun than working on your own.

Start small, maybe with a 5 lb. weight loss goal. Write down what you plan to do to achieve the goal, and post it where you can see it every day, such as on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror.  There are also free apps that help you to write and track your goals.  Use an example of cutting out sugary soft drinks, and reducing your intake of fatty foods. Once you achieve your goal, celebrate!  Buy yourself a new pair of workout shoes.

Rather than looking at an overwhelming goal of losing 50 lbs. starting small helps you to realize that you can achieve your 5 lbs. weight loss goal and each small success helps to increase your motivation for the next 5 lbs.  Rewarding yourself along the way helps you to savor your success and plan for that next 5 lb. goal!